Trailer Mount Thermoplastic Premelter | TP1500

TP1500 Thermoplastic Melters offer an effective solution for a completely portable thermoplastic workstation. Packages come standard with a 360M handliner, including a 4" or 6" extrusion die.
The burner system is fueled by a low pressure LP system controlled by a solid state, electronic thermostat. The TP1500's combination of fast start-up time, safety, and quality will deliver productive service for many years.

Standard Trailer Features Include:

  • Four LP Bottle Racks
  • LP Fired Power Supply
  • Handliner Loading Ramp
  • Tandem Axles
  • Electric Brakes

Optional Features Include:

  • Hydraulic Lift Gate (in lieu of ramp)
  • Hydraulic Crane (in lieu of ramp)
  • Diesel Engine (in lieu of propane engine)
  • Oil Jacketed Premelter(s)
  • Die storage racks
  • Overnight heating system
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